Why Use a West Vancouver Realtor?

Finding your dream home in West Vancouver can be quite the task. Especially since the turnover rate in West Vancouver is so low relative to the other areas in Metro Vancouver in which you could live. The reason is that of the great location of the homes in the area, this makes the demand high. The best properties in the are often sold before they’re put on any websites due to all the realtors sharing with their clients the information when the property is put up for sale. When it comes to purchasing the right property in West Van, a real estate agent can make all the difference. Why? It’s simple. There are 4 reasons why.

Here they are:

1.Specialized Knowledge

A realtor specialized in an area, who has done loads of transaction in the local area and looked at data from all the other transactions done in each area can give you insight on the value of specific properties which you might be interested in, information that can aid in decision-making in ways that make all the difference in purchasing your dream property. Without this, you could end up purchasing a home that’s overvalued, end up overpaying, or the home you didn’t want. All the top realtors keep their finger on the pulse of the market and will be able to inform you with accurate information that will get you the home you desire.


2.Cutting-edge properties

When working with a West Vancouver realtor, you’ll get access to properties for sale that move fast, this can make the crucial difference in what home you end up purchasing as homes in this area tend to move fast and the turnover rate is low as everyone wants to live there. A real estate agent in this area will keep you on the cutting-edge of the best properties that fit your criteria that pop-up in the area.



A buyer’s agent often gets paid from the seller’s side of the commission, this is important to you because it doesn’t cost you anything. This means you can have a realtor doing most of the heavy lifting for you completely free. They’ll take care of negotiations for you which they are well-versed in as its what they do daily to get you the best deal possible. This involves reaching out to seller’s agents of homes that fit your criteria and playing phone tag for you to make the deal happen.


4.Contract Work

Licensed real estate agents in West Vancouver are fluent in real estate contract lingo, meaning they know how to tell the difference between a favorable contract and an unfavorable one which can result in you having to deal with big losses and potentially run-in with the law. They’ll do their homework by reading over the criteria and then adjusting things, so they help you in reaching your goals of getting the best deal possible. Plus, he (or she) will make sure to do their due diligence to ensure everything is in accordance with the law as the real estate trading services business is littered with frivolous lawsuits that result from lack of awareness about all the legal work that has to do with buying or selling a home. the reason is because every piece of real estate is subject to certain real estate laws, the realtor will identify these and do what they need to make certain you get through the deal without any hiccups.


On top of all this, all realtors in West Vancouver and B.C. are bound to real estate professional laws of conduct and are required to have a fiduciary duty towards you (their client) to put your best interests above their own to make sure you get the best deal possible. This makes sure both of you have mutual interests in the sense that for you to decide to purchase a home, you must like the deal (meaning the price, the terms, and the property). So, he must do all he can to find that great deal for you to get paid. Plus, if you’re a buyer, they do all of this for you 100% free, if you’re interested in purchasing a home in West Vancouver and working with a realtor in the area, then call 778-714-1211 to get in touch.

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